Bombs away………….

I decided that in my free time off this break that I was going to blog whats on my mind for the rest of the week, and there has been quite a bit to discuss. I want to say that I am outraged that the Syracuse Orange Mens Basketball team failed to qualify for the NCAA Tournament. One of the many blunders committed this year by Gary Waters and the Committee. How a team goes 22-12 overall, 10-6 in the Big East and coming off a huge win vs. Georgetown who was riding a big winning streak and went on to win the Big East Tournament is beyond me. To say that the decision boggled the mind that teams such as Arkansas, Stanford and Xaiver got in, is an understatement. Stanford went 18-12 and lost in the first round of their Pac-10 Tournament, Arkansas went 7-9 in the PUTRID SEC WEST and the A-10 was not worthy of getting two teams in the tournament. And don’t forget Illinois or Purdue, Purdue beat nobody on the road, nor did Illinois what big wins do either of those programs have? The bottom line is that Syracuse did get screwed out of making the tournament. However they were not alone, Drexel had every right to be in the field of 65. Wins at Syracuse, Villanova and Creighton plus a solid record warrants a bid. The fact that the Committee took Old Dominion over Drexel because of its better Conference Record, but yet decided not to take Syracuse over Villanova and Marquette when it finished with a better Conference Record contradicts itself. The Committee was just not consistent on what constitutes a bid and what did not, it was a terrible job. I wont even bother mentioning the seedings which were a big time joke as well.

Never the less… although my enthusiasm isn’t what it was a few days ago, it is the NCAA Tournament a great time of the year and I’ll find a way to get into all of the games, and my bracket will be up Thursday at noon for all of you to see. Until then I am going inside practice of the Petrides Panthers High School Program and giving you a season preview from a point of view that only a former player can. Be sure to check out that tonight………….

Until then… Be good


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