NFL Week 10 Picks….

In the League Where they Play… FOR PAY!

JJ: Cleveland(+9.5), Minnesota(+6), Washington(-3), Tennessee(-4), Carolina(-4), Kansas City(-3), Buffalo(-3), St. Louis(+11.5), Cincinnati(+4), Chicago(-3.5), NY Giants(+1.5), Detroit(+1), Indianapolis(-3.5), Seattle(-10)

Timmy: Steelers(-9.5), Vikings(+6), Eagles(+3), Jaguars(+4), Carolina(-4), Kansas City(-3), Buffalo(-3), New Orleans(-11.5), Cincinnati(+4), Chicago(-3.5), NY Giants(+1.5), Detroit(+1), Indianapolis(-3.5), Seattle(-10)

Erik: Cleveland(+9.5),Green Bay(-6),Washington(-3),Tennessee(-4),Carolina(-4)Kansas City(-3),Buffalo(-3),St. Louis(+11.5),Cincinnati(+4),Oakland(+3.5),NY Giants(+1.5) Detroit(+1),Indianapolis(-3.5), Seattle(-10)

Aneesh “Angry Indian”:
Pittsburgh -9.5 over Cleveland… No Dog Pound, No problem
Green Bay -6.0 over Minnesota… Please put 10 in the box
Washington -3.0 over Philadelphia… Andy’s kids are on excessive
amounts of Heroine
Tennessee -4.0 over Jacksonville… Quinn Gray is a BUM
Carolina -4.0 over Atlanta… ATL is playing a decent team this week
Kansas City -3.0 over Denver… Denver stinks
Miami +3.0 against Buffalo…Miami has two chances to win this season;
this game and against the Jets… they have to win onces
St. Louis +11.5 against NO… Steven Jackson is back and spread is too much
Cincinnati +4.0 over Baltimore… this offense is worse than the 49ers
Chicago -3.5 over Oakland… Why would I ever trust Chicago
Dallas -1.5 over the G-men… Sheli Manning
Arizona -1.0 over the Lion… why is AZ favored and why am I picking them?
Indianapolis -3.5 over San Diego… Joseph Addai is going to run for 297 yards
Seattle -10.0 over SF… Worst MNF game ever… SF should be 0-8

Enjoy Folks
Don’t forget to check out our interview with Jay Mariotti of the Chicago Sun Times and ESPN’s Around the Horn on Tuesday

Until then just check the boxscore…

Be good



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