Patriots… 16-0 my take….

Well… after all this talk it finally happened… The New England Patriots did what many thought could never be done and finished with a perfect regular season and a job well done to them. But let me pose this question to most of you out there. Aside from those outside the bubble of New England, how unlikable is this New England Patriots team. Just watching the game this evening on the NFL Network made me realize how fans all over the place just hate this team. And here are some things that to quote my Buddy Peter Griffin are just grinding my gears.

Now…. do I think Tom Brady is a great great quarterback… Yes…. Maybe the best ever… Time will only tell… But some of the guys on this team are just big big jerks…. And like Mr. LaDanian Tomlinson said it starts with the Head Coach. Bill Belichick has made a mockery of the National Football League… whether its cheating which they did do…. running up the score which they did do!…. and lets face it they have some guys on their team that are impossible to root for…. Belichick being a very poor loser not shaking hands and showing class like a real man does…. And let us not forget how poorly he has treated protege Eric Mangini. Mr Randy Moss… I mean a guy who does not TRY at ALL in Oakland doesn’t even run routes hard and then all of a sudden decides to TRY…. I mean maybe I missed the memo…. but you know in the NFL the idea is to try hard all the time it is your job… I thought that was what NFL wide receivers did but… I guess not…

And then The BUMS in the secondary whether its Rodney Harrison who is one of the most classless guys in the NFL… Not only did he ruin the career of Trent Green in St Louis by hitting him unnecessarily in a pre season game but has a history for being the dirtiest player in the NFL… and lets not forget he used steroids….

And last but not least Mr Ellis Hobbs… Just Shut Up… I mean you stink… you cant cover… and… just shut your mouth….

So thats it… I along with the rest of America applaud the Patriots for going 16-0… but we don’t like you…. In fact we hate you……

Thats its folks… Stay Tuned for the picks tomorrow morning

Be Good

JJ Bombs


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