If you know best, Get it done

January 31, 2008
Two ace pitchers potentially on the move. Potentially is the key word here. If you didn’t know the two pitchers I’m talking about, they are Johan Alexander Santana and Erik Joseph Bedard. The Mets and Mariners, respectively, desperately need these two pitchers. Let me breakdown the two potential moves.

orioles_logo01.gif SP-Erik Bedard


To mariners-web-logo.jpg For

OF Adam Jones, RP George Sherrill

adam-jones.jpg george-sherrill.jpg

P Chris Tillman, P Tony Butler, and a player to be named later

First off, this sense makes too much sense for both teams. Apparently, Baltimore is now trying to see if they can sign Bedard to a contract extension to stay in Baltimore. If this happens, Seattle did a very poor job. Let’s take a look at Bedard’s 2007 season.

  • Bedard missed the last month of the season, but still finished in the AL ranked 2nd in the WHIP (1.09), 3rd in SO (221) and 4th in ERA (3.16).
  • Against the Yankees Bedard was 2-0 in 21 innings pitched, 11 hits, 3 ER, and 21 strikeouts. And let’s not forget that the Yankees were the most potent offense in baseball. And he would have been 3-0 if not for three-run homer by Shelley Duncan off Jamie Walker in the ninth inning.
  • Bedard started off slow, but in his last 14 starts of the season he was 9-1 with a 2.65 ERA. He gave up only 5.7 hits per nine innings and struck out 11.2 batters per nine innings.

By no means am I saying that Erik Bedard is a better pitcher than Joe-han Santana. Santana has performed at a higher level for a longer period of time. But what I know is that Bedard will demand a lot less money than Joe-han. Santana will demand around $150-$160 million and will ask for a lot of money up front. Bedard’s contract will be in the ballpark of 6 years, $120 million a year. That’s a potentially $40 million difference for a pitcher that might be one of the best pitchers in the game. That is why this trade is a no-brainer for Seattle and a “must complete” one. If Seattle can land Bedard they will easily be the favorite in the AL West and a serious contender in the AL. Bedard should flourish in Seattle’s pitcher friendly ballpark, Safeco Field compared a hitters ballpark in Camden Yards. The Mariners will have two of the most promising young pitchers in the league, King Felix Hernandez and Bedard. Also, what would make the duo tougher is that Hernandez is right-handed and Bedard is a lefty. A lot of matchup problems for opposing teams.

Now, let’s go to the Orioles side of things. This team has no hope for the next couple years. NONE. ZERO. Heck, they might not even have hope for the next 50 years with Boston and New York in the division. But nonetheless, this team needs to pull off this trade. This team is not winning with Bedard so he’s not worth paying the money. If they land Adam Jones, they could have two absolute studs in the outfield in Jones and Nick Markakis. They do still have Brian Roberts who they should trade as well for some starting pitchers and they got 5 prospects from Houston for the roided up Tejada. They will strengthen their horrendous bullpen with Sherrill. This team will be VERY young, but they will easily have more promise than they’ve had in the last 10 years. But still, they won’t sniff the playoffs in our lifetimes.

Bottom line is… this deal NEEDS to be done for both teams. No question about it. You play to get better and both teams would with this trade.

twins.gif SP Johan Santana


To ny-mets-3d-logo.jpg For

OF Carlos Gomez, P Phil Humber, P Kevin Mulvey and P Deolis Guerra

First off, I don’t have pictures for these bums that Minnesota got in the trade because they are exactly what I said, BUMS! I was watching Peter Gammons on Sportscenter and he said that if these four prospects were in the Yankees or Boston’s farm system, then they wouldn’t rank in the top 10! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!??!? This was a flat out steal, no doubt about it. Minnesota made an idiotic trade to say the least. This year, they replaced Torii Hunter with Carlos Gomez and JOHAN SANTANA, the best pitcher in the baseball, with Phil Humber!! Wow… upgrade. They also lost Carlos Silva by the way. This was a terrible trade on the Twins’ part. But we all know this, you don’t need me to tell you that. But here is what I am going to tell you… If the Mets do not get a contract extension with Santana done NOW, it would be a very very bad things for the Mets. This guy has one year left on his contract. He’s 28. Has won two Cy Young Awards. You can’t say enough about how good this guy is and he very well could be that “addition” the Mets need to win the NL. But please lock him up for 5-6 years. You already dealt for the guy, you might as well pay him. He’s worth every penny. Unlike Bedard, he is proven.

I want to reinforce the fact that the Mets are now the clear favorites in the NL. Philadelphia doesn’t have the pitching staff the Mets do. The Phillies have the hitting, but let’s not forget that Utley and Howard are left-handed and Santana is extremely tough against left-handers, so he neutralizes Utley and Howard. The Mets have the best pitcher in the baseball and a powerful offense. Their bullpen is suspect, but I don’t see that really being a problem until the playoffs. The NL Central is a joke and the West is always up for grabs, so right now, the Mets have to be the favorite in the NL. So can the Mets contend for the World Series title? That question can only be answered if the Mets don’t collapse..

Speaking of the collapse. Here is another reason why this trade was so critical for New York. After last years collapse, I’m not too sure how much Met fans were looking forward to this season. It was kind of like yea Philadelphia is better, I hate my team for collapsing, we’ll see after the Giants play in the Super Bowl. But now, there is no doubt that Mets fans are back behind their team and are extremely excited for another year. And trust me, there will be no collapse with Santana pitching every 5th day…




January 30, 2008

ynnbe4mq.jpgSo this week is in the making of one of the best sports week I have had in a LONG time. First off, the most obvious being we are now five days away from Super Bowl Sunday and my favorite team, the New York Football Giants, are preparing to attempt to put an exclamation mark on the end of their fairy tale finish. Then comes the interesting part…I walk back into my room after a full, long, tiring day of classes only to see a rather unusual look on JJ’s face. He seemed rather upset so I asked him why. That is when and how I found out that the New York Mets had acquired JOHAN SANTANA!

The first thing I obviously did was celebrate. The Mets finally made the move and landed the best pitcher in Major League Baseball. Even better, I don’t have to watch him go to the Red Sox (which wouldn’t have bothered me too much) but thankfully, I didn’t have to watch him go to the Bronx…thank God.

Omar MinayaNow to the actual baseball aspect of the deal. Congratulations Omar Minaya, you finally made a move after an unusually quiet winter and got a big name (and no, signing Ryan Church and Brian Schneider are not big offseason moves). Not only that, but Omar and the Mets solidified and filled a huge void in the Met clubhouse, a true ace. I know how great Pedro looked at the end of the season last year, but I am in no means ready to call Pedro our ace until he starts pitching every fifth day on a consistent basis. Now the Mets rotation, at this time, looks like this…

64412.jpg 1. Johan Santana

4875.jpg 2. Pedro Martinez

7386.jpg 3. John Maine

6945.jpg 4. Oliver Perez

6019.jpg 5. Orlando Hernandez

I know Pedro and El Duque raise some health and age concerns, but I feel VERY comfortable with that rotation to start the season. You also get some great youth with that in John Maine and Oliver Perez, who both showed tremendous strides forward last year. Then, of course, that foursome now gets led by Johan, the best pitcher in baseball.

Now to perhaps the best part of the trade – the Mets gave up virtually nothing to get the best pitcher in baseball. In return, the Twins get OF Carlos Gomez, P Phil Humber, P Kevin Mulvey, P Deolis Guerra. I liked what I saw in Carlos Gomez last year, but I’m not an idiot…I LOVE Johan Santana. Humber has always been said to have great potential but the fact of the matter is that he is 25 years old with a losing record in the minor leagues. Kevin Mulvey and Deolis Guerra are also good prospects, but as a Met fan you have to love what you get for what you gave up. In December it sounded like the Mets would’ve had to sacrifice Jose Reyes in order to get Santana…don’t tell me you would feel better having those four guys and Santana sans Reyes. I have been critical of some of the past deals the Mets have made with their prospects (Kazmir for Victor Zambrano) but Johan and Zambrano don’t even belong on the same planet in terms of pitching. Bottom line, I love the deal and Minaya has finally done something to get me especially interested in the new and upcoming season. Before this deal, I did not see a spark that got me really excited about a potential run at the World Series, but now I see it. Congratulations Omar and the New York Mets organization and well done!

Oh yeah and for what it’s worth, Syracuse bball beat Providence on Sunday (part of my good week even though their season isn’t going much of anywhere). That’s all for now and let’s go Mets and Giants!

Erik “The Happy Sports Fan”

Banter Brainwork-Sunday 1/27

January 27, 2008
NEW SHOW IS UP! Check it out here or subscribe via Itunes. First off, I want to thank Terrence Mayrose a contributor from NycNjhoops. He helped us set up the interview with our guest from the Providence Men’s Basketball team, Brian McKenzie…No football on the show this weekend. But it’s really not that bad because Saturday was a great day for college basketball and the games keep getting better the closer we get to March.

Let’s recap my top 5 games of Saturday.

5) Boilermakers pick up marquee win

purdue_logo2.gif 60 #11 wisconsin_logo_100x100.gif 56

People might think that I put too much emphasis on one victory, but even Purdue coach Matt Painter knew how big a win like this is for a bubble team.

“I talked to our guys about the situation that we’re in. If you want to get to the NCAA Tournament, you have to beat teams without question that are going to the NCAA Tournament, and Wisconsin is one of those teams.”

Not a good result for those other bubble teams.

4) Next…

#1 mem-logo.gif 81 gonzaga_logo.jpg 73

Memphis moved to 19-0 with an impressive win over Gonzaga. If anybody still doubts this Tiger team as national championship contenders, well, think again. And lets not forget that Kansas is still undefeated as well after blowing out Nebraska once again. Which team is better?
3) Irish pick up huge road win

notredame_logo1.jpg 90 #18villanova.gif 80

Notre Dame needed a road win to legitimize their NCAA resume. Well, they got it in a big way with a dominating victory at ‘Nova. Kyle McAlarney led the charge with 30 points and Luke Harangody put up 25. The Irish might have gotten the Wildcats at the right time because it was obvious Villanova was still feeling the effects of that Rutgers loss. Speaking of which, Rutgers beat Pittsburgh at the Petersen Events Center.

2) Hoyas survive another scare

#9 gtown.gif 58 wv-logo.jpg 57

Earlier this week, Syracuse let a huge win over Georgetown get away from them. Well, West Virginia let one against Georgetown get away from too, but this one was in Morgantown. You can’t let games like these get away especially in your home building. These Big East bubble teams really need to start feeding off the Hoyas because they are the only final four contender this conference has.

1) UPSET OF THE DAY – Huskies dance out of Bloomington

connecticut_logo_2003.gif 68 #8 indiana_logo3.gif 63

To me, Connecticut sealed their NCAA tournament bid. Barring a huge skid in the Big East Conference, the Huskies got that resume building win every bubble team is looking for. Not only did they do it shorthanded (starting guard Jerome Dyson and backup guard Doug Wiggins are suspended indefinitely for violating team rules), but they did it convincingly. After the Hoosiers jumped out to a quick 9-0 lead, UConn controlled the game from there on out against arguably the best team in the Big Ten.

Quote of the Day – Connecticut Head Coach Jim Calhoun

“To do what we did is certainly the greatest I’ve had and it’s going to get up there since the national championship team beat Georgia Tech, Quite frankly, they deserve more than a hug from me. They deserve one from the state of Connecticut, from the university, from our fans.”


duke-logo.jpg#3 Duke@ terps-logo.jpg Maryland

6:30 pm, FSN

These teams simply hate each other. Nothing really can compare to Duke and North Carolina, but this rivalry is not far behind. If you think Duke will easily win this one, then think again. Nobody has played Duke tougher in the past than the Terps. Here are some shocking statistics you might not know about this recently one-sided rivalry.

  • Maryland swept Duke last season
  • The Terps have beaten Duke in 5 of their last 7 meetings
  • Maryland has defeated Duke 4 of their last 6 in College Park, including two when the Blue Devils were ranked No. 1

This might not be the same Maryland team of recent years, but they did just beat No. 1 North Carolina. And let’s not forget that Gary Williams can prepare his teams for top 10 opponents. If the Terps can pull of another huge upset, then they can play themselves back into the NCAA tournament picture after non-conference losses to Ohio and American at home. Also, if they do, be careful because things usually blow up after they beat Duke.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.


I’m on fire…..

January 27, 2008

kylemac.jpgWow…. what a difference a year makes for Kyle McAlarney… At this point last year Kyle was probably facing one of the lowest of lows. Lets face it the kid made a mistake, but who doesn’t. If you don’t know what I’m talking about your not a college basketball fan. Let me say this if he didn’t go to Notre Dame this probably would have been covered up. But Kyle admitted his mistake and stuck with Notre Dame and Coach Mike Brey when he easily could have transfered. He bit the bullet and boy is it paying off for the Irish…

Boy does last year seem like a long time ago…

After yesterdays resounding victory at Villanova in which Kyle put home thirty points and propelled Notre Dame to a huge tournament resume building win over the Wildcats. How much do you think Mike Brey is happy to have Kyle McAlarney. As a native Staten Islander, it is my job to give a fellow Staten Islander and great player the respect he deserves. It has been said that back in High School McAlarney had the key of the gym so he could go and practice either really early in the morning or really late at night. The secret for his greatness is hard work. Hard work is the reason he made it off the courts of St. Teresa’s Gym, to Moore Catholic School and now playing for the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame…

Notre Dame will be a forced to be reckoned with the rest of the way mainly due to the 1-2 Punch of Luke Harongody and Kyle McAlarney. Kyle McAlarney might be in the middle of a magical season…

Stay Tuned for more….

One last thing folks… I really want to thank Terrence Mayrose for getting Brian Mckenzie to join us on the program today. Check out his blog that is now posted on our website, for a good look at NYC hoops.

Keep on listening…. and reading….

Be Good

JJ Bombs

Banter Brainwork-Saturday 1/26

January 27, 2008

No football on the show this weekend. But it’s really not that bad because Saturday was a great day for college basketball and the games keep getting better the closer we get to March. Here were my top 5 games to watch this Saturday:

5) notredame_logo1.jpg Notre Dame @ villanova.gif#18 Villanova

12pm, ESPN Full Court/ESPN 360

If you want to know how hard it is to win on the road in the Big East just ask Villanova. They need to rebound after that horrific loss at Rutgers and ND still needs to prove it can win away from South Bend. In my eyes, the Irish will be a bubble team until they get that key road win.

4) texas_amu_logo.png#16 Texas A&M @ oklahoma-state-logob12.gif Oklahoma State

2pm, ESPN/ESPN 360

The Aggies are 1-3 in conference so they need desperately need a win. Oklahoma State might not be as good as they have been in the past, but Stillwater is one of the toughest places to play in the nation.

3) connecticut_logo_2003.gif Connecticut @ indiana_logo3.gif#8 Indiana

1pm, CBS

A huge non-conference game. The Huskies need that big-time win to highlight their NCAA resume. And if you want another reason to watch – Eric Gordon. The man can flat-out play.

2) UPSET ALERT – gtown.gif #9 Georgetown @ wv-logo.jpg West Virginia

7pm, ESPN/ESPN 360

With Bob Huggins now the coach, the Mountaineers are now a much tougher team inside on the boards. They are another bubble team that needs that marquee win for the tournament. There’s no better resume building win than Georgetown in the Big East even if the game is at home. Another great home court advantage.

1) GAME OF THE WEEK – gonzaga_logo.jpg Gonzaga @ mem-logo.gif#1 Memphis

12pm, ESPN/ESPN 360

The Tiger only have two more opponents remaining on the schedule (Gonzaga and Tennessee) than can really threaten their run for perfection. And let’s not forgot that these ‘dogs’ thrive on being the underdogs.

Other Game to Keep an Eye on:

# 15 Mississippi State @ Mississippi 5pm, ESPN Full Court/ESPN 360

Texas Tech @ #12 Texas 8pm, ESPN Full Court/ESPN 360

Creighton @ Southern Illinois 9pm, ESPN2/ESPN 360

I don’t know if you know this, but ESPN 360 is available free online if your local cable provider carries it. So you should be able to watch all ESPN telecasts online with 360 depending on your cable provider. Thought you might like to know if you didn’t.



Do you believe in this team yet?

January 21, 2008

As many of you have probably heard, I have been praising this Giants team every chance I get the past couple weeks. I have had confidence in this team more than I ever had before. Some believed me they would beat Tampa. Few believed me they would beat Dallas. NO ONE believed me they would beat Green Bay. The New York Giants are the road warriors. I just hope that by this point everyone can accept that this team is legit and deserves to be where it is today and where it is going in two weeks.

I will go ahead and say it again…the Giants are winning on February 3 against the Patriots. I’m not going to break it down now, but I will later. I’m just coming out to say that New York will win. It’s really a clash of two teams of destiny. One team is going for absolute perfection and in search of becoming the greatest team of all time. The other is riding a wave of confidence unimaginable back in week 2. Eli Manning is emerging into a star before our very eyes – do not try to deny that. Question is: Can he do it again in the biggest game of his life?

More to come.


Defying all Odds

January 21, 2008


Well, maybe after all this is a team of destiny. After going 0-2 and giving up a combined 80 points in their first two games… And now all of a sudden… Super Bowl Bound!

Take that Tiki Barber….

So where did this game go wrong for the Green Bay Packers? The bottom line here was simply that the Giants outplayed the Packers, on offense and on defense. No question about it. If it wasn’t for Mr. Tynes and R Dub’s the Giants win this game outright, but the Giants offense ever since that week 17 performance against their opponent in Glendale, AZ, has been clicking. That Patriots game got Eli Manning going and guess what? Since the Playoffs have begun, Manning is 53/85 for 600 yards, 4 touchdowns and, most importantly, zero turnovers. Eli Manning is managing the game for this New York Giants team and they have come together  at the right time.

It is unfortunate for Brett Favre and the Green Bay Packers to have their season coming to a close, but don’t discount the season that team had under Head Coach Mike McCarthy. Going 14-3 and suprising a lot of people should not go unnoticed. But this is a day to praise the Giants. Praise Tom Coughlin. Praise Eli Manning. Praise Michael Strahan and that Giants Defense. They defied the odds and they will be going to play in the Super Bowl XLII

manning.jpgI could go a lot of different ways here for my MVP of this game, but I am going to give it to the field general, Sir Eli Manning. The man didn’t throw any touchdowns but he threw for over 250 yards and did not turn the ball over. He led the Giants down the field time in and time out in the cold weather at Lambeau Field outplaying Mr. Favre. Well done to you sir.

So hats off to the Giants… Going to the Super Bowl… Vindication for Tom Coughlin and the rest of this Giants Team… I wonder what Tiki Barber is thinking right now….

I’ll have plenty thoughts on the match up for Super Bowl XLII, but enjoy this Giants Fans. This is as good as it gets.

Be Good Folks