Some thoughts on the Clemens 60 Minutes Interview….


Hello everyone… Hope your 2008 is going great… I cant believe in this new year I once again need to address the steroid problem in Major League Baseball and the whole Clemens fiasco which seems to be unable to go away.

After watching Clemens interview with Mike Wallace last night after all of the football…

Here are a few quick hits from me…

– One, Mike Wallace did a fantastic job despite the fact hes been around for a while. He asked the tough questions… whether why trainer Brian McNamee would lie about Clemens but not about teammate Andy Pettitte who admitted to using HGH in 2002. Very suspect and Mr Clemens answer was well very suspect.

– Secondly, Wallace asked how Clemens performance in 1998 and 2001 resulted in Cy Young’s ironically enough the same years he “allegedly used” steroids. Clemens being the tough Texan he is just kept firing back denials. And I mean if you expected anything else your crazy. This guy is battling these charges the same way hes battled hitters for the last 20 years or so… Consistent hard work and persistence. He has nothing to lose because everyone in America including yours truly believes he did some sort of steroids… So he needs to do this

– Third point… I found it interesting whether he would consider taking a lie detector test. Bottom line here… Roger if you didn’t take steroids go before Congress and take the lie detector test and pass it… If you do you will gain a lot in the court of public opinion and thats the battle your facing right here. If I’m Clemens and I’m innocent, you bet I am taking that lie detector test and testifying before Congress…

Thats all on the Clemens issue… hit me up with your thoughts and comments I’d love to banter with some of you on this… Bottom line I cannot wait till all this nonsense is over with and as most baseball fans bring on the real stuff…. How many more days till pitchers and catchers?

Stay tuned for my Playoff Picks For the Divisional round of the NFL Playoffs… Possibly the four best divisional games I can remember in a long long time… All marquee matchups no doubt about it. Another thing football fans be very upset because after this week the football season really starts to wind down. This is the last Sunday you will have games at 1:00 so for you usual diehard’s like myself who have been there since September 9th this year… It’s time to count the days till pitchers and catchers because the month of February is the worst sports month of the year…

And before I go a pick on the National Championship game

LSU 20 Ohio State 10

Take LSU and the points….

Be good….



One Response to Some thoughts on the Clemens 60 Minutes Interview….

  1. Robby Soos says:

    dear john,

    roger didnt do it.

    love always,

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