Gibbs does Redskins a favor


When Joe Gibbs was hired for his second stint in Washington, many fans trusted Gibbs to take the team back to the Super Bowl, but he didn’t come close. So when he retired today, people actually thought losing Gibbs was a big deal for this team. Actually people don’t realize that Gibbs should have been fired even if he chose not to retire.

In his second stint which lasted four years, Gibbs took the Skins to the playoffs twice. The team only won one playoff game in the divisional round at Tampa Bay in 2005. He went 31-36 in those four years. The fact is that the game has simply passed Joe Gibbs by. Even Bill Parcells said that the game today is “a young man’s game.” Let’s take a look at Gibbs. He loves to run. He had three different quarterbacks in his three super bowl runs. It didn’t matter who his qb was because he and Joe Bugel (offensive coordinator then and now for the Redskins) knew how to be successful. That was to run the ball behind “The Hogs.” Well, Joe that doesn’t work in the game anymore. You tried it with Brunell and that failed miserable. You had the opportunity with Todd Collins and yes, he did do well, but when he was asked to win a game, he wasn’t able to. Also, Look at the likes of the Patriots, Colts, Cowboys and Packers this year. The top two teams in each conference. They are pass first teams. They are very capable of running the ball, but they thrive on the pass. That is the game today. It has simply passed you by Joe. Your team this year should have been 13-3, but instead it underachieved at 9–7 because of your lack of ability to prepare and make adjustments at halftime and needed Sean Taylors death to finally motivate the players.

To call for the Redskins to give Joe Gibbs the shaft is a little bit unrealistic. But the Redskins will certainly be better off without him. Think about the Dallas Cowboys. In Parcells’ last year with the team, the Cowboys finished 9-7 losing in the first round of the playoffs at Seattle. Parcells retires. The Cowboys finish the next year 13-3 with the top spot in the NFC Playoffs. Wade Phillips doesn’t come close to half the coach Bill Parcells was but Parcells built the team Phillips is having success with. This Cowboys team is more a product of Bill than it is Wade.

This year the Redskins finished 9-7 losing at Seattle in the first round of the playoffs as well. Gibbs retires. Gregg Williams will most likely be the next coach for the Redskins. He’s a defensive guy as well and he isn’t half the coach Joe Gibbs is. But the Redskins do have a young promising qb in Jason Campbell, one of the best running backs in the league in Clinton Portis and a defense coached by one of the best defensive coordinators in the game in Williams. Are the 2008-2009 Redskins primed for a big season? It would be a team that Joe built.



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