Does Arthur Blank get it?

pete-carroll.jpgAfter awaking to a little Tropicana Orange Juice and a nice everything bagel… I put on ESPN and I hear that Arthur Blank and the Atlanta Facons are looking to talk to Pete Carroll to try to pursue another college coach to join their ranks. My question to the both of them… Are you CRAZY?

First of all lets take this from… the Atlanta perspective. A franchise that was in utter turmoil this year starting with the whole Michael Vick fiasco, and concluding with the quitter Bobby Petrino deciding the NFL wasn’t for him and returned to the college ranks going to Arkansas. Having a college coach last year alone should deter Blank from hiring a college coach. They tried it last year and it was an utter disaster… Do you want that to happen again? I just cannot imagine in any way that the Falcons would bring in a college coach regardless of the stature of Pete Carroll. Secondly, looking at the trend of college coaches who chase the money, and then come right back. Do the names Steve Spurrier and Nick Saban ring a bell? Bottom line is for the Falcons there is no reason for their franchise to even consider a college coach.

Secondly lets look at this from Pete Carroll’s perspective. Now, I understand you had an NFL background going over .500 with your tenure in New England, and walking into a tough situation with the NY Jets in 1994. However that being said, how could you want to leave USC? The situation Carroll is presented with at USC is just as good if not better than a pro team. USC is Los Angeles football team, since there is no NFL team. He gets the star power and at the very worst his team is playing in the Rose Bowl on New Years Day, and that folks is considered a bad year for their standards. Now if Carroll feels he has unfinished business in the NFL thats all well and good. But… Don’t be surprised if he does decide to take an NFL job, that a few years later he realizes what the hell was I thinking. Now… is Carroll going to take the Atlanta job… I would be absolutely shocked. If Pete wants to succeed in the NFL it wont happen in Atlanta. But my advice to him… Don’t mess with a good thing…

One note on the NFL playoff games up coming this weekend….There is no way the Chargers have a chance if Antonio Gates is not in their starting lineup… NO CHANCE

Thats all folks

Be Good

JJ Bombs


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