JJ Bombs’ NFL Playoffs Divisional Round


Well folks… the best football weekend of the year is now upon us… Let me first start of by saying enjoy this weekend while you can… Because for one… it is the last football Saturday until the College Season begins in 2008. Secondly it is the last weekend you will have 4 NFL games on tap… And for those football regulars like myself… it is the last Sunday you will have a game on at 1:00 in the afternoon. That being said… the sports world following the Super Bowl… well it sucks until March Madness time…

However… I believe these divisional games are so intriguing on so many levels… I will be ready to go Saturday Late Afternoon at 4:30 and up until about 8:00 on Sunday Night when immediately following the divisional weekend I’ll be heading back up to Central New York.

But after my little spiel here is the moment you’ve all been waiting for… Bombs picks for the best football weekend in the league where they play…..

For Pay…..

image0242.jpg Seattle Seahawks @ Green Bay Packers green-bay-packers-logo.gif

I’m pretty sure at the coin toss of this ball game Matt Hasslebeck isnt going to say “I want the ball and we’re gonna score”. Folks let us not forget this is a very good Seattle team very battle tested here. They were in the Super Bowl two years ago and last season they took the NFC Champion Bears to overtime in the divisional round. You can tell me all you want about Lambeau Field and Brett Favre, and I’m very excited to see both of these elements back into the post season. However, the bottom line is, Matt Hasslebeck is a good quarterback, good wide receiving core and the defense is the best its been. Patrick Kearney can get at the quarterback, Marcus Trufant is a ball hawking corner back and the bottom line is Mike Holmgren is a great coach. The Packers have had a tremendous season but I don’t really know what to expect from them in a big spot with not a lot of playoff experience. I think you will start your Divisional Round off with an upset… Despite the fact the Seahawks cannot run the football not if their life depended on it… I think they will pull this game off… Trust the Coach and the Defense and most of all the experience… The Revenge of Hasslebeck…

image0243.jpg +7.5

Score: image0243.jpg 24, green-bay-packers-logo.gif 21

jaguars_logo_small1.gif Jacksonville Jaguars @ New England Patriots new_england_patriots_logo_2001.jpg

All I have heard the last three or four weeks is that the team nobody wants to play is the Jacksonville Jaguars. Now I admit they have done a lot of good things this season. They can run the football, they have a solid Defense and their quarterback has had a very good season. And for the first half of wild card weekend I saw a lot of those things against the Pittsburgh Steelers in a hostile playoff environment in Heinz Field. Now… in the second half they did a terrible job. They got away from their strength throwing the football and saw their defense get torn apart by Big Ben Roethlisberger. However they showed some spunk by being able to find a way to win the game after blowing an 18 point lead.

A nice job for the Jaguars winning last week but the team that nobody wants to face means nothing for The Cheats From New England…. All kidding aside… Tom Brady is the best quarterback in these situations… Bill Belichick has two weeks to prepare for a team such as the Jacksonville Jaguars. This game has blowout written all over it… The Pats Defense can be exposed but not in this round. When in doubt trust The Brady Bunch… plus Coach Cheat…

Here are some startling stats regarding the Patriots and Jaguars

• Belichick’s playoff record in New England: 14-2
• Brady’s playoff record at home: 6-0
• Belichick’s record against Jack Del Rio: 3-0
• New England’s lifetime record against Jacksonville: 7-1
• New England’s 2007 regular-season record: 16-0
• Number of ’07 Patriots wins by 14-plus points: 11
• Record of ’07 Jags after falling behind by more than seven points: 0-4

Expect the Patriots to flex their muscle following the bye week…


Score: new_england_patriots_logo_2001.jpg 38, jaguars_logo_small1.gif 14

Now onto the Sunday Slate….

chargers1.gifSan Diego Chargers @ Indianapolis Colts indy.jpg

A rematch of a game that occurred earlier this year in which Peyton Manning threw six interceptions. A bizzare game in which Mr. Clutch Adam Vinateri missed a chip shot field goal which would have won it for the Colts. The Colts have been overlooked all season here playing as the Super Bowl Champions. This Colts team is by far the most complete and balanced team that the Colts have had under Tony Dungy. I do think it is important for Marvin Harrison to get back out there to get him all ready to roll for Championship Sunday. However I just cannot pick Norv Turner and Phil Rivers to beat the Super Bowl Champions on the Road… I just cannot do it…

indy.jpg -9

Score:  indy.jpg 31chargers1.gif17

And last but not least….

giants_logo_small.gif NY Giants @ Dallas Cowboys dallas-cowboys-logo.jpg

The matchup everyone in New York has been talking about since the Giants impressive victory over the Bucs on Sunday Afternoon. The Giants are clicking on all cylinders right now. Eli Manning playing his best football of the season, a nice thunder and lightning rushing attack and a swarming defense. However before Giant fans propel themselves to Glendale Arizona for Super Bowl XLII let us not forget that…. Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys absolutely torched this defense the last two times they play. This is a team that hasnt won a playoff game since 1996 and coming off the embarrassment of the botched snap in Seattle I bet has this Dallas team ready to roll. A couple of notes on this game… TO will play no questions asked. He played with pins in his legs for the Super Bowl this injury is not as bad… He will be in there… Onto the Romo vacation… Who Cares? I mean seriously if he was in Texas I’m sure he would be with Jessica anyway. And quite frankly I don’t really blame him. But thats enough for ET… Back to the game… Heres the deal… If the Giants front 4 doesn’t get pressure on Romo this game is no contest. I think this is an old fashioned Texas shootout. The Giants will score… but I just think Dallas is a better team and will find a way to win a close ball game.

giants_logo_small.gif +7.5

Score: dallas-cowboys-logo.jpg– 34 giants_logo_small.gif 28

Thats all folks…

Enjoy the football

Be Good



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