Saturday’s MVP’s


brett-favre-jersey1.jpgYea you can tell me this should be Ryan Grant. The man ran for 201 yards and 3 touchdowns, I know. But when Seattle put up 14 quick points (on TWO Ryan Grant fumbles by the way) in the games first four minutes, the Vet brought them back. When the Packers needed a lift and some energy, the 38 year old man who has been bled Green and Yellow Cheese for 16 years refused to quit. On the very next drive, Favre went 5-5 for 65 yards, hitting Greg Jennings with an unbelievable touch pass in the corner of the end zone. In the second quarter, on the drive that put the Packers up 28-17 before half, Favre went 5-8 for 45 yards. 11 on those yards came on an unbelievable play where Favre was forced out of the pocket. He was almost tripped up and was stumbling as he rolled out to his right. While attempting to regain his balance, he somehow managed to flip the ball underhand to Donald Lee for the reception down to Seattle’s three yard line. Plays like those make Brett Favre one of the best quarterbacks to watch. Favre brought the Packers back when they seemed dead. That’s what MVP’s do.

Honorable Mention: Ryan Grant, Atari Bigby


f5b00b60-8731-4c04-b0c7-25c80aa2a8a4.jpgIf Tom Brady didn’t exist, then Favre would be the NFL MVP. But the fact is that Brady does exist and he is playing better than any quarterback I have ever seen. His stat line tells it all: 26-28, 262 yards and 3 Tds. The Jaguars took away Randy Moss, Brady was patient and found his other receivers. The Jags took away the deep ball, he dumped it off for 4 to 5 yards and didn’t force anything. He wasn’t pressured at all and when you don’t pressure Tom Brady he’s going to be nearly perfect. The lesson here is to pressure Brady or any great quarterback because if you give them all the time, it doesn’t matter how many players there are in coverage because Brady will pick it apart.

And how many times do you see Randy Moss have only one catch for 14 yards and not complain about it? When he’s playing with a great leader and the greatest quarterback of all time. Even he trusts Brady.

Honorable Mention: Wes Welker, Laurence Maroney


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