Silence is golden at the RCA Dome….


Who would’ve thunk it? I’m pretty sure everyone had their tickets punched for the rematch of Indianapolis and New England. I’m sure I did. I mean come on, Norv Turner, Phil Rivers on the road in a playoff game? Well heres where this game went wrong. I am going to say the turning point in this game was early on. The Colts dominated early on, then Marvin Harrison in his return fumbled after a reception and to me it just changed the dynamic of this game. The Chargers got their swagger and their confidence back and played a terrific blend of football. The Colts defense did not do the job, simple as that. Give the credit to the Chargers offensive line I applaud them for being the MVP’s of the game. They were able to do what they wanted with the Colts front seven.

My other game ball goes to Billy Volek. This may sound absurd but coming into a game, a playoff game no less and leading your team down the field in a hostile environment is very commendable. But let me say this. Give some credit to the Chargers coaching staff and quarterback. Both have been much maligned throughout the course of the season and both stepped up and won a game nobody in their right mind gave them a chance to win.

Now the Super Chargers travel to New England for the AFC Championship. I really wanted Indianapolis vs. New England Part II, but as Mick Jagger always said, “You can’t always get what you want.”

Enjoy the GMENNN… who right now are ballin


JJ Bombs


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