Got ya when it mattered

2519272f-22e3-44b0-acec-0ff325c355a5.jpgThe game between these two showed people exactly how hard it is to beat a good football team three times in one season. The Giants waited 17 games until their first quality win of the season (the loss against the Patriots doesn’t count), but they got it when it mattered most, in the playoffs. Since the second meeting in which the Cowboys won 31-20, the Giants lived in the Cowboys shadow. They couldn’t win the big game. Eli Manning was too inconsistent. Frankly, they couldn’t beat the Dallas Cowboys. Well, all those concerns were put to rest on Sunday afternoon.Most Valuable Player = Defensive LineI said the X-factor was the defensive line. For the first half, they got run over. They couldn’t get any pressure on the quarterback. But the second half was a whole different story especially in the fourth quarter. Marion Barber III had over 100 yards at half, but was held under 30 yards in the second half. They got pressure on Romo numerous times and even sacked him twice. They were constantly in his face. Even if they didn’t get to him, they hit him. He felt it because once they started getting pressure on Romo he wasn’t accurate when he did have time. He actually threw the ball away for no apparent reason for an intentional grounding call. Nobody was around him. He didn’t need to throw it away because he had plenty of time. This defense prides itself on pressuring the quarterback and the defensive line stepped up when the Giants needed a stop.

Turning Point

47 seconds left in the first half. Down by 7. Ball on their own 29 yard line. A field goal would have been nice for the Giants before half, but heck, touchdowns are better right? But think if the Giants were down 14-7 or even 14-10 at half. Dallas would still have the momentum and the ball. But Peyton, I mean Eli Manning (he looked like Peyton on that drive), and the inferior Steve Smith, led the Giants right down the field to answer a Dallas TD with a Giant TD. All the momentum shifted to the Giants going into halftime. It showed in the second half because the Giants mishandled Dallas after that point on.

Nothing like seeing another playoff game in the legendary Lambeau Field. Hope everyone enjoyed the best NFL playoff weekend ever.



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