The aftermath…..

wadebumphillips.jpgThe shock waves have hit the NFL world following upset Sunday in the divisional round of the NFL Playoffs. And I have a major bone to pick with the entire Dallas Cowboys organization. Throughout the National Football League all I heard about was how Wade Phillips was the right man for the job, yada yada. Bottom line hes not someone I would want leading my squad. Here are a few reasons why.

1. First of all, giving your players a full week off is absolutely absurd. Do you think theres any way Bill Belichick is allowing Tom Brady to go down to Mexico for a week with Gisele. Maybe a night in NYC but I am positive that they only had 2-3 days off as opposed to the full week. Big Difference

2. The guy lets his players run their mouths and act like total idiots. Patrick Creighton who the hell are you? Not only did you run your mouth bashing the Giants all week, but you dropped a huge 3rd and 14 pass that would’ve possibly been a touchdown considering there were no defenders in the area. Let me say this Bill Parcells would never allow such behavior to occur. So for all of the Dallas Fans who hated on Parcells this season let me say this. One he built your team, and two how did you do on Sunday in a playoff game?

3. Any coach who lets Jerry Jones stand right next to them on the sideline with the moment of truth in the playoffs has a serious problem. Now I understand coaches before have allowed Jones to do the same thing. But show some balls. Run the team like a man. Parcells would have never allowed Jones to be on the sideline right next to him like that. Absolutely not.

4. The man has never won a playoff game. This was his 4th playoff game and hes been a part of some bad defeats. The Music City Miracle ring a bell? But let me say this… back in Buffalo he had Doug Flutie lead the team to a 10-5 record, and then let Rob Johnson start the last game of the season for no apparent reason. After that Phillips decided that Johnson was best served to be the quarterback after Flutie played well leading the team to back to back post season appearances. The guy is just not Head Coach Material. Simple as that.

Now.. Today He says… The better team lost today… I’m sorry Wade but you cannot say that after the Giants outplayed and outcoached your squad. Cannot… You sound like a fool…

to.jpgAnd before we close the book on the Dallas Cowboys for the final time… Let me say this… Terrell Owens crying yesterday about the possible criticism was perhaps one of the funniest press conferences I’ve ever seen in my years of watching sports. It adds to the absolute mockery Owens continues to make of the league with his Dog and Pony Shows. The guy can play… but give me a break… If you haven’t seen the press conference which is kinda impossible due to the fact its been all over TV… Never the less… Check it out…

And one last thing… Mr. Romo… I think you’ll have plenty of time to spend with Jessica in Mexico now that your team is gone… And folks.. while we’re at it… lets put the over/under on the relationship at another 4 months? Let me know your thoughts on that one…

Ill save the Giants for later in the week and on the show which will be ready to roll on Friday…

Until then folks keep checking the boxscore….

Be Good



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