Do you believe in this team yet?

As many of you have probably heard, I have been praising this Giants team every chance I get the past couple weeks. I have had confidence in this team more than I ever had before. Some believed me they would beat Tampa. Few believed me they would beat Dallas. NO ONE believed me they would beat Green Bay. The New York Giants are the road warriors. I just hope that by this point everyone can accept that this team is legit and deserves to be where it is today and where it is going in two weeks.

I will go ahead and say it again…the Giants are winning on February 3 against the Patriots. I’m not going to break it down now, but I will later. I’m just coming out to say that New York will win. It’s really a clash of two teams of destiny. One team is going for absolute perfection and in search of becoming the greatest team of all time. The other is riding a wave of confidence unimaginable back in week 2. Eli Manning is emerging into a star before our very eyes – do not try to deny that. Question is: Can he do it again in the biggest game of his life?

More to come.



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