I’m on fire…..

kylemac.jpgWow…. what a difference a year makes for Kyle McAlarney… At this point last year Kyle was probably facing one of the lowest of lows. Lets face it the kid made a mistake, but who doesn’t. If you don’t know what I’m talking about your not a college basketball fan. Let me say this if he didn’t go to Notre Dame this probably would have been covered up. But Kyle admitted his mistake and stuck with Notre Dame and Coach Mike Brey when he easily could have transfered. He bit the bullet and boy is it paying off for the Irish…

Boy does last year seem like a long time ago…

After yesterdays resounding victory at Villanova in which Kyle put home thirty points and propelled Notre Dame to a huge tournament resume building win over the Wildcats. How much do you think Mike Brey is happy to have Kyle McAlarney. As a native Staten Islander, it is my job to give a fellow Staten Islander and great player the respect he deserves. It has been said that back in High School McAlarney had the key of the gym so he could go and practice either really early in the morning or really late at night. The secret for his greatness is hard work. Hard work is the reason he made it off the courts of St. Teresa’s Gym, to Moore Catholic School and now playing for the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame…

Notre Dame will be a forced to be reckoned with the rest of the way mainly due to the 1-2 Punch of Luke Harongody and Kyle McAlarney. Kyle McAlarney might be in the middle of a magical season…

Stay Tuned for more….

One last thing folks… I really want to thank Terrence Mayrose for getting Brian Mckenzie to join us on the program today. Check out his blog that is now posted on our website, for a good look at NYC hoops.

Keep on listening…. and reading….

Be Good

JJ Bombs


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