ynnbe4mq.jpgSo this week is in the making of one of the best sports week I have had in a LONG time. First off, the most obvious being we are now five days away from Super Bowl Sunday and my favorite team, the New York Football Giants, are preparing to attempt to put an exclamation mark on the end of their fairy tale finish. Then comes the interesting part…I walk back into my room after a full, long, tiring day of classes only to see a rather unusual look on JJ’s face. He seemed rather upset so I asked him why. That is when and how I found out that the New York Mets had acquired JOHAN SANTANA!

The first thing I obviously did was celebrate. The Mets finally made the move and landed the best pitcher in Major League Baseball. Even better, I don’t have to watch him go to the Red Sox (which wouldn’t have bothered me too much) but thankfully, I didn’t have to watch him go to the Bronx…thank God.

Omar MinayaNow to the actual baseball aspect of the deal. Congratulations Omar Minaya, you finally made a move after an unusually quiet winter and got a big name (and no, signing Ryan Church and Brian Schneider are not big offseason moves). Not only that, but Omar and the Mets solidified and filled a huge void in the Met clubhouse, a true ace. I know how great Pedro looked at the end of the season last year, but I am in no means ready to call Pedro our ace until he starts pitching every fifth day on a consistent basis. Now the Mets rotation, at this time, looks like this…

64412.jpg 1. Johan Santana

4875.jpg 2. Pedro Martinez

7386.jpg 3. John Maine

6945.jpg 4. Oliver Perez

6019.jpg 5. Orlando Hernandez

I know Pedro and El Duque raise some health and age concerns, but I feel VERY comfortable with that rotation to start the season. You also get some great youth with that in John Maine and Oliver Perez, who both showed tremendous strides forward last year. Then, of course, that foursome now gets led by Johan, the best pitcher in baseball.

Now to perhaps the best part of the trade – the Mets gave up virtually nothing to get the best pitcher in baseball. In return, the Twins get OF Carlos Gomez, P Phil Humber, P Kevin Mulvey, P Deolis Guerra. I liked what I saw in Carlos Gomez last year, but I’m not an idiot…I LOVE Johan Santana. Humber has always been said to have great potential but the fact of the matter is that he is 25 years old with a losing record in the minor leagues. Kevin Mulvey and Deolis Guerra are also good prospects, but as a Met fan you have to love what you get for what you gave up. In December it sounded like the Mets would’ve had to sacrifice Jose Reyes in order to get Santana…don’t tell me you would feel better having those four guys and Santana sans Reyes. I have been critical of some of the past deals the Mets have made with their prospects (Kazmir for Victor Zambrano) but Johan and Zambrano don’t even belong on the same planet in terms of pitching. Bottom line, I love the deal and Minaya has finally done something to get me especially interested in the new and upcoming season. Before this deal, I did not see a spark that got me really excited about a potential run at the World Series, but now I see it. Congratulations Omar and the New York Mets organization and well done!

Oh yeah and for what it’s worth, Syracuse bball beat Providence on Sunday (part of my good week even though their season isn’t going much of anywhere). That’s all for now and let’s go Mets and Giants!

Erik “The Happy Sports Fan”


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