A Victory for the Ages

Where do I start? How do I start? First, me and JJ were really wrong. We weren’t the only ones, but we were very wrong and we admit it. Erik, well, you might not find a happier man. He’s not in the best of conditions, but he was talking smack the whole time and rightfully so. The Giants played a great game and deserved to win. He rightfully had complete faith in his team for a good reason. I can not be happier for Erik. JJ by the way needs to shut up about this Dolphins crap. This is the GIANTS time. I don’t want to hear from Mercury Morris and these loser Dolphins that live their life in the past. This is the GIANTS time. Nobody else.

This game left a lot of people speeches especially New England fans. It was the greatest game that I have ever watched. We all ended up watching the game with 5 or 6 Patriots fans and let me tell you, there is nothing better than silence from New England fans. But how do you sum up history? How do you put history in words? You can’t. There is no way anybody can explain to me what the Giants just accomplished. They beat an UNDEFEATED football that everybody, even some Giants fans, thought was invincible. Super Bowl XLII was simply remarkable.

manning.jpgThe real MVP and our MVP was obviously Eli Manning. Before the season, who would have thought that Eli would be the Super Bowl hero instead of Peyton? Well, he was. He shut up all of his criticism with that fourth quarter he put together. And I hope people realize that he is farther along in his progression than Peyton Manning was at his time. Now, he’s not Peyton and it’s not fair to compare them, but Eli Manning deserves a lot of credit. JJ put it best after the game; I will never criticize him ever again. I mean come on this man was dead in the water about to go down for a sack, but he somehow escaped and gave David Tyree the chance to make that unbelievable, circus catch that will go down as one of the greatest plays in NFL history. A little run on sentence, but how else do you describe that play and this win. David Tyree is from Da ‘Cuse by the way.

I really have nothing else to say right now. This was an unbelievable win for the Giants. Congratulations to them and enjoy it. After tonight, I can not wait for one of my teams to win a championship. But I know that it will never be as special as what the Giants did tonight. You’ll certainly hear from Erik and even JJ later.



One Response to A Victory for the Ages

  1. Little Mattocks says:

    I agree that this is the Giants time, however Im not sure thats how it will play out. I think the media will make this go down, like Bill Simmons put it, as a famous loss rather than a famous win. This SB will remembered by the undefeated Patriots coming up short rather than the Giants overcoming Goliath and Eli conquering every critic in town.

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