Perfectville… Population 1

random-dude-18-1.jpgWell here we are, after the finale of Super Bowl 42 and there only remains one perfect team. The 1972 Miami Dolphins. Shows how difficult it is to finish a season start to finish undefeated. I thought there was no way once the Patriots went 16-0 that they would lose at any point. They looked invincible. However, the bottom line is the New York Giants outplayed these big bad Patriots. They really hit em in the mouth. Tom Brady took an absolute beating. That vaunted offensive line that was praised all season long took a beating. Simple as that. The Giants did all of these great things… but yet… they were down 4 with less then three minutes to go. And then Eli Manning put his name into NFL lure. It is official folks, he is worth all that the Giants gave up. One of the best drives in Super Bowl History no question about it. The catch by David Tyree will most likely go down as the best catch in Super Bowl history and the best play in Super Bowl history. There was nothing sweeter to see Plaxico Burress catch the ball over Ellis Hobbs to win it. The Giants are Super Bowl Champions. How about that.

coachshula.jpgI don’t want to hear about the Patriots this season. The season to me is a failure. Since they lost in Indianapolis to Peyton Manning the goal for the Patriots was championship. Randy Moss and Wes Welker and the others were brought in to win a championship. NOT to go 18-1. Close but no cigar….

Hats off to the only perfect team ever in the Super Bowl Era… the 72 FINOS… Pop that champagne one more time fellas!

Be Good Folks



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