Another Ace on the Move

bedard.jpgI know he’s not Johan Santana, but the Erik Bedard move to Seattle is also a big deal. It won’t get the media attention that the Johan trade got and rightfully so, but this trade is as important for Seattle as the Santana trade was for the Mets. Why you ask? Well, I wrote about this in a post about a week and a half ago.

It’s about time this trade got done. We heard about it day after day, but nothing got done. This trade was great for both teams. The Orioles were not winning with Bedard, it’s simple. So why not get prospects for him that can help the team win in the future. The Bedard trade in my mind puts Seattle as the top team in the AL West. They now have the pitching to be a threat in not only the AL West, but in the whole AL. Having two aces at the top of the rotation in Bedard and King Felix will give them a deadly 1-2 punch. Now, I know that those two have proven nothing in a big spot and neither has put together a stellar full season. But to have a 28 year-old lefty ace heading into his prime with a 21 year-old flame throwing right hander is a very nice combination for years to come. Also, the 3, 4, 5 pitchers in Jarrod Washburn, Miguel Batista and Carlos Silva give the Mariners an opportunity to win every night. This acquisition just gives Seattle that top of the line Ace every playoff team needs.

As for my Orioles. Thank god. Get rid of Brian Roberts too. They’re not winning this year or next year. Heck, they might not make the playoffs in my lifetime. But at least they have some young talent that will give their fans some hope and reason to watch. That’s all I’m asking for… some hope and potential. Why? I don’t know… I should have given up on this organization a long time ago. I’ve watched Bedard grow into the pitcher he is and I love him. Maybe I can now watch some of the young prospect the Orioles have acquired come into their own as a group and love them too. Hopefully they can give the Yankees and Red Sox a run for their money someday in my lifetime. It’ll make baseball season worth looking forward to. Hopeful, I know.



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