He Said…. He said….

After the non stop television coverage of the hearings between Roger Clemens and Brian McNamee, my question to you folks is this. How many more days till opening day? Before I give my take on the whole proceedings that occurred this afternoon let me say this. Aren’t you sick of all the coverage. The hearings… The lying… It might as well be out of the Young and the Restless. Sooner or later the truth all of it will come to the floor. When it does… Call me…


cheaters.jpgLet me say this… Anyone and I mean anyone who believes Roger Clemens did not use performance enhancing drugs is sipping the Clemens Kool Aid… The telling tale here folks was the testimony of my boy… Andy Pettitte… is what did Mr Clemens in… When its a he said-he said battle, and then you have a third party come in. You listen. Especially when the third party is an honest, religious man that is going to tell the truth. Congressmen Cummings asked Clemens about this and he said… Andy must have “misremembered” about the conversation Pettitte claims Roger and he had about HGH. Thats all you need to know folks… Clemens is trying to save a hall of fame bid that is now forever tarnshised due to performance enhancing drugs… Now I admire Roger Clemens for some of the things he said today… Such as he cares about his reputation. He cares about educating people of the dangers of steroids… But Roger… Actions speak louder then words… And guess what you lose…

Thats All Folks….

PS… 45 Days till Opening Day….

Be Good



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