Down with Zebras

This is going to be my post to complain about the stupid Zebras aka the referees. I’m sick and tired of these dumb zebras deciding games. They did it again in the Georgetown Villanova game and the Rutgers Tennessee game. I know you guys probably don’t care much about women’s basketball, but what happened in the Rutgers Tennessee game was down right atrocious. Everybody in their right mind saw that their was a clock malfunction and that the game clock for some reason stopped dead with .02 seconds left in the game. About a second later, the referee blew the whistle for a foul. But as SportsCenter showed us, there should have been no time left on the clock and Rutgers should have won the game. In the Georgetown game, the zebra blew his dumb whistle for a ticky tack foul call with .01 seconds left. That gave Jonathan Wallace two opportunities from the foul line to seal the game for the Hoyas. He hit both and Villanova, who needed that win more than any other team in the nation, didn’t even get a chance to win the game outright in overtime.
I had the privilege of hearing Pedro Gomez speak yesterday. He’s the ESPN reporter who followed Barry Bonds around. But somebody asked him a very interesting question. Which do you think is worse, gambling or steroids? I thought he was going to definitely say steroids, but he said gambling. He said that both are terrible offenses, but if he had to choose, he would say gambling because then the integrity of the game is in question. And the more I thought about it, the more I agreed with Pedro and the more I saw it yesterday. The integrity, the actual outcome of the games yesterday were decided by the referees. Whether it was gambling or not, I do not want a third party deciding games. It should be decided amongst the players. With steroids, it gives players a competitive advantage, but the game still has to be played. Now, I’m not saying that steroids is a good thing because it is a very very very bad thing. But I rather not have any ref, commissioner, league or fans decide games. I want the games played out. That was my problem with the Suns Spurs series last year. David Stern essentially decided the series. He put the Suns at a severe disadvantage in Game 5. I won’t gripe about that because that is very old news, but in the games played yesterday, another third party decided the winner of the game. This is where fans, people that make sports what it is, start to question the integrity of the game. Don’t mess with that.
I hate Zebras, but thank god Villanova lost. For the sake of Syracuse getting into the tournament.

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