Weekend Wrap

First off, I want to begin by saying that Syracuse fans storming the court was a flat out travesty. Have some class. Act like you’ve won before… the school did win the national championship just five years ago. I didn’t see USF storm the court when they beat Syracuse. I didn’t see Louisville storm the court when they overcame a huge deficit against Georgetown and demolished them in primetime. Pittsburgh didn’t storm the court when they beat Georgetown either. The Oakland Zoo has some class, Otto’s Army is a complete joke. For all I know, Syracuse has beaten Georgetown the last four times in the Dome. So they should expect to beat the Hoyas. This student section also stormed the court two years ago when they beat #18 West Virginia at home. When will these pathetic, bandwagon, loser fans learn? Syracuse has the biggest fair weather fans who feel the need to storm the court three days after everybody gave up on this team…. Anyway I’m done. Pathetic.

Here is my weekend wrap.

Team of the Weekend

indiana.gif Indiana Hoosiers

sampson-hugging-guy.jpgI don’t care if Syracuse beat Georgetown or if Wake Forest beat Duke. This Indiana team really deserves props for how they overcame distractions and destroyed Michigan State. Not only did they overcome distractions, but they also overcame the loss of one of their best players, D.J. White. They stay in the hunt for the Big T Ten title and have a huge matchup with Purdue on Tuesday in Bloomington. It should be the last game that pig coaches.

Bums of the Weekend

georgetown.gif Georgetown Hoyas

What a horrible display of basketball. The Hoyas have lost their last six games in the state of New York against the Orange. This team had another mediocre game, if you even want to call if that, against their biggest rival. There isn’t a more overrated team than the Georgetown Hoyas and they are led by one of the most overrated players in Roy Hibbert. If not for the stupid zebras this team could very well have two or three more losses.

Upset of the Weekend

wake-forest.gif Wake Forest over duke.gif Duke

Nobody expected this one. Duke was 10-0 in the conference before this game and it looked like the best team in the nation before this game. Wake Forest has now played itself back on to the bubble and really could help itself with a huge win at North Carolina next Sunday.

NCAA Stock Rising green-arrow-up.png

louisville.gif Louisville Cardinals

This team is the best team in the conference. Not Georgetown, UCONN, or Notre Dame. It’s Louisville. I know UCONN beat the Ville, but the game was in Hartford. If you watch this Cardinal team play, then you will see that they are clicking on all cylinders. I think this team is the most equipped to make the deepest run in the tournament, but we’ll learn a lot more about them in the next coming weeks. They still have to go to Pittsburgh and Georgetown and have home contests versus Villanova and Notre Dame. Also, many people thought this team was dead after the early season struggles. They thought this team would get in as a 7, 8, or 9 seed, but now this team looks like a 3, 4, or 5 seed.

syracuse.gifSyracuse Orange

Trust me, this teams stock could very well fall after they probably get blown out the next two games at Louisville and Notre Dame. But for now, they helped themselves out with a needed win against Georgetown. But unlike last year, people know this team still has a lot of work to do if they want to get into the tourney. Their last 5 games are absolutely brutal: @ UL, @ ND, vs. Pitt, @ Seton Hall and vs. Marquette.

Stock Falling red-arrow-down.png

florida.gif Florida Gators

I’ll say it again. If you think this team is definitely in the tournament, please think again. They have do losses this week against LSU and Vandy to push them back to 6-5 in conference. This team still has to play at home against Mississippi State and Tennessee before finishing the season at Kentucky. 9-7 or 8-8 in conference might not get this team in the tournament because their SOS is 117.

baylor.gifBaylor Bears

Remember when people thought this team was in the tournament when they started the conference schedule with four wins? Well, they’ve now lost five or six and are in trouble heading down the stretch. They go to Oklahoma on Tuesday and then face Kansas State at home on Saturday. This team can’t afford to drop both games because they still have games against Texas A&M and at Texas Tech remaining. This team better be careful. I don’t care if they are a great story.

ohio-state.gif Ohio State

It seems that every major conference bubble team lost to a putrid opponent this week. Florida lost to LSU. Syracuse lost to USF. And on Sunday, OSU lost to rival Michigan. The road is now tougher for the Buckeyes as they play every team that is ahead of them in the Big Ten and their only other game remaining on the slate is on the road against an up and coming Minnesota team. This team could very well finish 9-9 in conference.

Player of the Week – Eric Gordon

eric-gordon.jpgThis freshman phenom came through when his team needed him the most. With D.J. White out of the game and his team in an early hole against a top 15 team, Gordon led them back with 28 points. He made big basket after big basket and put his team on his back in a game they could not lose. I wonder how early in the recruiting process that pig coach called Gordon to get him to come to Indiana.



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