The Field of 65 (Updated March 10)

Selection Sunday is only one week away. I will be updating this as often as I can, hopefully every day. Here is my Field of 65 as of Monday.

ONE seeds

unc.gif – Huge win at Duke locks up number one seed. Won 8 straight without a healthy Ty Lawson
tennessee.gif– Beat Memphis on road. #1 in RPI and #1 in SOS
memphis.gif – loss might help them. 8-1 vs. RPI top 50.
ucla.gif – Big recovery against Stanford and California. Can’t knock them for winning.

TWO seeds

kansas.gif – Strong end of season, but soft SOS (80)
texas.gif – No team can say they have wins over Tennessee, Kansas and UCLA
duke.gif – Five wins vs. RPI top 25.
georgetown.gif – I like Louisville more, but Georgetown is best team in Big East in regular season

THREE seeds

wisconsin.gif – Weakness of Big Ten shown by each teams SOS [Wisconsin (69), Michigan State (51), Indiana (52), Purdue (117)]
louisville.gif– might be most dangerous team in conference come tourney time
xavier.gif – 7-1 against top 50. RPI 9 SOS 24
stanford.gif – Two losses hurt, but still second in toughest conference in nation

FOUR seeds


connecticut_logo_2003.gif – 5 wins against top 25
purdue.gif– Could use good showing in Big Ten Tournament
indiana.gif – Despite losing 2 of last 3, still have 14 wins in Big Ten.
notre-dame.gif – Too bad NCAA tourney isn’t in Joyce Center, but should still be rewarded for great season


FIVE seeds


drake.gif – MVC Champs WILL make some serious noise in the tournament
vandy.gif – This team beat Tennessee right? I forgot about that after losses to Arkansas and Alabama
michigan-state.gif– Mediocre team outside of East Lansing and I’m not happy that they helped out Ohio State
marquette.gif – OVERRATED… by me too. Good CPU numbers (RPI 21 SOS 31), but 8 losses to teams inside RPI 50 is troubling

SIX seeds

usc.gif –Two wins this week to get to 11-7 in toughest conference in the nation
byu.gif – Louisville win looking better and better and Steve Young went there
gonzaga.gifWe’ll see if they can win the WCC
butler.gifDon’t like the SOS (162). Needs to win Horizon for its sake and bubble sake

SEVEN seeds

msu.gifNot that impressed. This is what happens when you have a sub-par conference and one mediocre team happens to just beat all the other mediocre teams.
wash-state-u.gif– I can see this team getting bounced early
clemson.gif – No marquee win, but have taken care of business vs. teams below them
kansas-state.gif – Recovered with two wins this week. Win over Kansas goes a long way

EIGHT seeds

pitt.gifRecovered against Cincy after blowout against West Virginia
oklahoma.gif Won Last three, but really missing that standout victory
saint-marys.gif – Weak SOS (148). Only good win against Gonzaga
miami.gifWin over Duke still looks great, but loss to FSU not so much

NINE seeds
south-bama.gif – Strong RPI (26) shows good results vs. other good teams (Western Kentucky, Mississippi State, San Diego). I’m starting to believe
arizona.gifSecond Best SOS, but 8-10 in conference?!?! Bad loss to Oregon
baylor.gif– Streaky team. Won four of last five
west-virginia.gif – I know this team has beaten nobody, but talks of them being on the bubble is outrageous. 11 Big East Wins

TEN seeds

unlv.gif – Strong RPI (28) and experienced
davidson.gif – Ran through weak conference and must be rewarded for playing tough teams close (UNC, Duke, UCLA)
aggies.gif – Win over Baylor got team to 8-8 in conference and have win over Texas
mass.gif – That’s what I’m talking about (Won last 6). Have non-conference win over bubble team Syracuse

ELEVEN seeds

kentucky.gif – I’ve knocked this team a lot, but won 6 of last 7 and that one loss was by 3 @ Tenn
arkansas.gifVery inconsistent. Won four then lost five of next eight
kent-state.gif – 7-3 against RPI Top 100 isn’t bad, but can’t be losing to Bowling Green
illinois-state.gif– Strong RPI (31) and despite losing to Drake three times, this team has beaten down on teams in tough Missouri Valley conference including sweeps of Creighton and Southern Illinois

TWELVE seeds

arizona-state.gif5-6 vs. RPI top 25, but horrible computer numbers (RPI 74, SOS 87). Might have to do with blowout losses to Illinois and Nebraska
oregon.gif – Sweep of Arizona leaves team with 9-9 record in tough Pac-10 and 4 wins over RPI Top 50.
syracuse.gif – Got huge win vs. Marquette to get to 9-9 in Big East. Elimination game vs. Villanova in first round of Big East Tournament on Wednesday
ohio-state.gif – Needs to beat Michigan State once more in Big Ten Quarterfinals

FINAL At-Large Spot

saint-josephs.gif – Followed great win over Xavier up with loss at Dayton. Still have some work to do in tournament

13-16 seeds – Auto Bids

Last Four Out

Mississippi – Won last three to get to 7-9 in conference and committee could really look at the 5 wins over RPI top 50 (Vandy, Clemson, South Alabama, Mississippi State and Arkansas)

VCU – Maybe it would get an at-large spot if it got to the CAA finals

Florida – Really tanked down the stretch with three losses (two at home). Only 8-8 in SEC

Maryland – Only good win against UNC. Have lost 4 of 5.




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