The Final Field of 65

The Field of 65
Updated March 16
Selection Sunday is here. Here is my final Field of 65 before the brackets are officially announced.

ONE seeds

memphis.gif – One last second shot away from being 31-0. Have quality wins over Georgetown, Gonzaga, Connecticut, Oklahoma, Arizona and USC. Makes up for its awful conference.
unc.gif – ACC Champs have a great shot at the Final Four with games being played in Raleigh and Charlotte
ucla.gif – Pac-10 conference title locks up one seed
texas.gif – No team can say they have wins over Tennessee, Kansas and UCLA.

TWO seeds

tennessee.gif– Beat Memphis on road. #1 in RPI and #1 in SOS.
kansas.gif – Win over Texas in Big 12 Final will vault them to one seed
duke.gif – It’s a whole body of work and Duke’s resume looks really good (6-3 vs. RPI Top 50)
wisconsin.gif – Big Ten not that strong, but win in Big 10 Final will warrant a two seed.

THREE seeds

georgetown.gif – Best win out of conference is @Alabama and includes blowout loss to hands of Memphis.
stanford.gif – Could have used a win over UCLA, but 7-1 vs. rest of RPI Top 50.
pitt.gifHot streak. Run to Big East Title gave them three more wins over RPI Top 25. Put that with Duke win and you have a huge mover in the bracket seeding
xavier.gif – 7-1 against top 50. RPI 9 SOS 25

FOUR seeds


connecticut_logo_2003.gif – 5 wins against top 25
louisville.gif– 8 wins over RPI top 50 (Five against top 25), but best win out of conference was only UNLV.
drake.gif – MVC Champs WILL make some serious noise in the tournament
notre-dame.gif – Too bad NCAA tourney isn’t in Joyce Center, but should still be rewarded for great season


FIVE seeds


clemson.gif – I’ve believed in this team and win against Duke boosts resume. No shame in losing to UNC three times.
indiana.gif – Struggles down the stretch don’t help. Will be an interesting team in the NCAA Tournament
michigan-state.gif– Mediocre team outside of East Lansing (8-7 in road and neutral court games)
butler.gifDon’t like the SOS (154), but this team is experienced and can make a run in the tournament

SIX seeds

marquette.gif – 4-8 vs. RPI Top 50 is troubling
vandy.gif – Very concerned about this team. Win over Tennessee obviously helps, just 7-7 in road and neutral court games
usc.gif – Team that has win over UCLA. They play defense and have a lot of tournament upside.
purdue.gif– 4-3 vs. RPI Top 25. Helps despite poor Big Ten showing.

SEVEN seeds

wash-state-u.gif– 0-5 vs. RPI Top 25. Where’s the marquee win?
west-virginia.gif – Win over Connecticut ends any talks of being a bubble team
unlv.gif – Strong RPI (26), experienced and dangerous
oklahoma.gif A lot of good wins, but lacking marquee win.

EIGHT seeds

arkansas.gifCould move up with SEC Tournament win that includes wins over SEC best two, Vanderbilt and Tennessee
byu.gif – Failure to lock up Mountain West title hurts
aggies.gif – Win over Kansas State in Big East Quarters keeps helps team avoid bubble trouble
gonzaga.gifLoss hurt a lot of bubble teams. Team has a lot of good wins, but not a great win. Beat UCONN early in season.

NINE seeds

kent-state.gif – 10-3 against RPI Top 100 isn’t bad, but can’t be losing to Bowling Green
kentucky.gif – 12 wins in SEC including wins against Vandy and Tennessee help overlook poor non-conference showing
msu.gifNot that impressed. This is what happens when you have a sub-par conference and one mediocre team happens to just beat all the other mediocre teams.
kansas-state.gif – Win over Kansas, but this team is really struggling down the stretch (lost 6 of last 9)
TEN seeds
miami.gifEarly exit in ACC tournament hurts seed.
saint-marys.gif – Weak SOS (148), but have wins over Gonzaga and Drake
baylor.gif– How do you lose to Colorado? Only 3-8 vs. RPI Top 50. No marquee win.
oregon.gif – Sweep of Arizona gives this team the nod over the Wildcats. 4 wins over RPI Top 50
ELEVEN seeds
arizona.gifSecond Best SOS, but 8-10 in conference?!?! 0-7 vs. RPI Top 25. I can see this being snubbed.
temple.gif – Have really rebounded in A-10 Conference play. 11 wins in A-10 regular season and A-10 Tournament Title.
south-bama.gif – This team is lucky the bubble is very weak because they beat NOBODY. Three wins over teams in RPI Top 50?!? TWO OVER WESTERN KENTUCKY!
saint-josephs.gif – Two wins over Xavier in last nine days boosts team into the field
TWELVE seeds

davidson.gif – Ran through weak conference. ZERO WINS VS. RPI TOP 100
villanova.gif – Other than Mississippi, more RPI Top 25 wins than any other bubble team and play in tough Big East
arizona-state.gif – 5 wins in RPI Top 50. At least they have beaten good teams unlike Ohio State and Virginia Tech.
george-mason.gif – Won tourney and non-conference SOS is 49 including wins over Dayton and Kansas State.

Western Kentucky
Oral Roberts

San Diego

Cal State Fullerton
Boise State
Austin Peay
Portland State
American University
Mount Saint Mary’s
Mississippi Valley State
Coppin State

Last Four In

Saint Joseph’s


Arizona State

South Alabama


Virginia Tech – I don’t believe in your team Seth. Best win over Miami and you don’t get credit for close losses. Stop running your mouth, you sound like Boeheim.

Massachusetts – Best out of conference win over Syracuse losing steam as is this UMass team.

Dayton -Have two quality wins over Pitt and Louisville, but couldn’t pull off win over Xavier like Saint Joe’s

Syracuse – This team was last four out as of Tuesday. Everybody loses and then this team falls completely out of the conversation? I completely disagree. Is this team one of the best 34 teams at-large teams in the country? Very possible. But will they have a shot of getting in? Absolutely Not.


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