South Regional Final

memphis.gif #1 Memphis Tigers vs. #2 Texas Longhorns texas.gif

What Memphis must do

Memphis needs to somehow force somebody other than Abrams and Augustin beat them. These two guards are phenomenal and if they both get going, then it will be a long day for the Tigers. The Texas combo averaged almost 34 points per game, so Memphis must try to contain one of them. They have the personnel to do so, they must now execute.

What Texas must do

Stop dribble penetration. Memphis is extremely athletic and players like Chris Douglas-Roberts and Derrick Rose can get to the rim at will. Therefore, Texas needs to force Memphis to be a jump shooting team.  No starting Memphis guard has hit more than 45 three-pointers on the season and that’s because the Tigers can get to the hole whenever they want. Force them to hit the deep ball on a consistent basis.


cdr.jpgChris Douglas-Roberts. People don’t realize that CDR is a finalist for the Naismith Award handed out to the nation’s best player. He’s an absolute freak of nature because of his combination of size, strength and athleticism. The only weakness is ability to consistently hit jump shots, but he can certainly bring down the house with his rim-rattling dunks.

My Region Winner 

Memphis. It’s the Tigers year to get over the hump and into the Final Four. Texas has great guards, but the defensive prowess of the Memphis guards will make the difference.


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