Baseball is Back

It’s been two weeks since Opening Day and it’s a little too early to make any prediction, but here are my initial thoughts and concerns for some teams:

  • My first concern is for the Detroit Tigers. 3-10?!? They would be 2-11 if the offense didn’t wake up late in the game last night against the Twins. Is that a sign to come? Well, if they want to sniff .500, they need the offense to carry them because their pitching stinks. Verlander looks awful, Willis is on the DL, Bonderman looks bad, the bullpen is HORRENDOUS. Where is Miguel Cabrera?! The Tigers will turn it around, but it will not be easy making the playoffs in the AL.
  • My second biggest concern is for Los Mets. Johan keeps giving up bombs, their hitting is extremely overrated and I don’t trust their bullpen in a big spot. Pedro is also hurt and their rotation is extremely overrated. John Maine hasn’t put together a full, solid season and Oliver Perez will either be phenomenal or he will get shelled. This team also has no leader in the clubhouse. Jose Reyes, Beltran, Delgado? No. David Wright? No… he can’t represent that large Hispanic contingent. Also, the Mets are in a very precarious position because one key injury to a big player and they will be in a lot of trouble.
  • David Ortiz has been awful for Boston, Josh Beckett has been sub-par, but this team still finds ways to win. That is why they are the defending champs and why they should still be favored this season.
  • Other than Baltimore, who is somehow in first place right now, the AL East is more competitive than ever. Tampa Bay can really hit the ball, Toronto has been a very competitive team for years and then you of course have the Yankees and the Red Sox. The most competitive division in baseball.
  • Joe Bloworski stinks. Thank god he’s on the DL because that Betancourt will do something Joe Blow couldn’t do… save some wins.

Here is why you can’t get all caught up in the first two weeks. Take a look at the six division leaders so far: Baltimore, Kansas City, Oakland, Florida, St. Louis and Arizona. Yea, it’s a joke so far.



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