I think they will give it to Kobe Bryant if the Lakers win the conference tonight against Sacramento, but I truly believe that Chris Paul is the league’s MVP. Think about this… when Kobe doesn’t have Gasol or Bynum, the team is sub-.500. I think the Laker success has a lot to do with their depth, the play of Gasol late in the season and Bynum early in the season. The Hornets are really good because of Chris Paul. He can score for himself and he makes everybody else around him that much better. A lot of credit has to go to David West, but would West be this good without CP3? Paul put up better numbers than Nash did when Nash won his two MVP’s. However, if the Hornets don’t win the conference, I think Paul will get a raw deal because people feel that the award should go to the best player on the best team… if that’s the case, then it should go to Garnett, not Kobe and Paul. In the end, I think the MVP race will be a toss up, just like the Western Conference playoffs.


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