Catching back up with ya’ll….

Whats good everyone, sorry for the delay in blogging but what can I say I am a busy man as I am working up at Sirius Satellite Radio in NYC. As is my counterpart Mr. Saxena. Never the less, it is hot and steamy in New York these days, summers here and no time is not right for Dancing in the Street especially in some cities who have incredibly disappointing baseball teams up to this point in the American League

So what has exactly gone wrong for these teams, god only knows. However here are a few tidbits about some of the leagues most disappointing teams.

1. Seattle Mariners. 23-42 and 16.5 games behind the first place Anaheim Angels. Coming off a season in which the Mariners were in contention for the AL West and Wild Card many thought including myself that this team was ready to take the next step and win the division with the addition of southpaw Eric Bedard. However, the Seattle bandwagon jumpers underestimated how bad the team’s lineup actually is. Seattle is 13th in batting average and runs scored. And their vaunted pitching staff which was supposed to be solid 1-5 has been anything but. The Mariners are 12th in the AL in ERA and quality starts. The pen not much better, 2007 All Star JJ Putz has an era of over 5, bottom line this team will not be playing meaningful baseball for the rest of the season, and manager John McClaren better enjoy his coffee while he can because he is certain to be axed after this season.
2. Detroit Tigers: 27-37, 10 games behind 1st place Chicago. Well considering how poorly the Tigers started many figured, well they will find a way to turn it around. However it is now June 11th and guess what the boys from mo-town are still ten games under .500 and ten games back. The pitching staff has been absolute train wreck. Ace Justin Verlander 2-9 with an era over 5, Jeremy Bonderman gone for the season, Dontrelle Willis pitching in single A because hes been atrocious. The lineup is starting to produce but guess what, when your pitching stinks as bad as Detroit’s does you cant expect to make up a ten game lead aganist a White Sox team that has good pitching. Although the Tigers lineup might inch their way back to respectability, I just do not see any way this team makes its way into the playoffs. For manager Jim Leyland that would be a very big disappointment.

3. Cleveland Indians: 30-35, 7.5 games back of Chicago in AL Central. For a team that took the World Champion Boston Red Sox to a decsive 7th game of the ALCS, this is hardly what you would expect. With a pitching staff of Sabathia and Carmona plus the emergence of Cliff Lee you would figure the Indians would be in great shape to make a run. However, I am having major trouble buying it because their offense has been a disaster. The tribe are dead last in batting average in the American League. Not only that but DH Travis Hafner and C Victor Martinez have done a terrible job. Martinez is without a home run and only 21 rbis and not only that but his .279 batting average leads the team. The bullpen that was such a strength for Cleveland especially aganist the Yankees in the ALDS hasn’t been good either. Rafael Betencourt with an era over 5, Joe Borowski with an era over 6, not what you want from your 8th and 9th inning guys.

That being said, I still think Cleveland can get back in the race if they decide to hit because their pitching can be really effective. If the bullpen comes around and they find a way to start scoring runs maybe they can get back in the division or wild card race, if not my World Series pick to win it all won’t be playing when it counts in October.

Now…. you may ask why the Yankees are not listed as one of the most disappointing teams in the American League to this point. Well, the fact that they are a game over .500 and the teams Yankee fans were fearful would keep them out of the postseason are non factors right now. And say what you want, the Tampa Bay Rays will NOT i repeat WILL NOT being playing in the postseason. So, my question for you people who think the Yankees will not make the postseason for the 13th consecutive year is this. Find me a team who is going to beat them out. Tampa, Toronto, Oakland, I’m not buying it….
Back with the NL disasters tommorow…

Until Then

Be Good


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  1. Eugene says:

    looking forward for more information about this. thanks for sharing. Eugene

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