Catching back up with ya’ll….

June 11, 2008

Whats good everyone, sorry for the delay in blogging but what can I say I am a busy man as I am working up at Sirius Satellite Radio in NYC. As is my counterpart Mr. Saxena. Never the less, it is hot and steamy in New York these days, summers here and no time is not right for Dancing in the Street especially in some cities who have incredibly disappointing baseball teams up to this point in the American League

So what has exactly gone wrong for these teams, god only knows. However here are a few tidbits about some of the leagues most disappointing teams.

1. Seattle Mariners. 23-42 and 16.5 games behind the first place Anaheim Angels. Coming off a season in which the Mariners were in contention for the AL West and Wild Card many thought including myself that this team was ready to take the next step and win the division with the addition of southpaw Eric Bedard. However, the Seattle bandwagon jumpers underestimated how bad the team’s lineup actually is. Seattle is 13th in batting average and runs scored. And their vaunted pitching staff which was supposed to be solid 1-5 has been anything but. The Mariners are 12th in the AL in ERA and quality starts. The pen not much better, 2007 All Star JJ Putz has an era of over 5, bottom line this team will not be playing meaningful baseball for the rest of the season, and manager John McClaren better enjoy his coffee while he can because he is certain to be axed after this season.
2. Detroit Tigers: 27-37, 10 games behind 1st place Chicago. Well considering how poorly the Tigers started many figured, well they will find a way to turn it around. However it is now June 11th and guess what the boys from mo-town are still ten games under .500 and ten games back. The pitching staff has been absolute train wreck. Ace Justin Verlander 2-9 with an era over 5, Jeremy Bonderman gone for the season, Dontrelle Willis pitching in single A because hes been atrocious. The lineup is starting to produce but guess what, when your pitching stinks as bad as Detroit’s does you cant expect to make up a ten game lead aganist a White Sox team that has good pitching. Although the Tigers lineup might inch their way back to respectability, I just do not see any way this team makes its way into the playoffs. For manager Jim Leyland that would be a very big disappointment.

3. Cleveland Indians: 30-35, 7.5 games back of Chicago in AL Central. For a team that took the World Champion Boston Red Sox to a decsive 7th game of the ALCS, this is hardly what you would expect. With a pitching staff of Sabathia and Carmona plus the emergence of Cliff Lee you would figure the Indians would be in great shape to make a run. However, I am having major trouble buying it because their offense has been a disaster. The tribe are dead last in batting average in the American League. Not only that but DH Travis Hafner and C Victor Martinez have done a terrible job. Martinez is without a home run and only 21 rbis and not only that but his .279 batting average leads the team. The bullpen that was such a strength for Cleveland especially aganist the Yankees in the ALDS hasn’t been good either. Rafael Betencourt with an era over 5, Joe Borowski with an era over 6, not what you want from your 8th and 9th inning guys.

That being said, I still think Cleveland can get back in the race if they decide to hit because their pitching can be really effective. If the bullpen comes around and they find a way to start scoring runs maybe they can get back in the division or wild card race, if not my World Series pick to win it all won’t be playing when it counts in October.

Now…. you may ask why the Yankees are not listed as one of the most disappointing teams in the American League to this point. Well, the fact that they are a game over .500 and the teams Yankee fans were fearful would keep them out of the postseason are non factors right now. And say what you want, the Tampa Bay Rays will NOT i repeat WILL NOT being playing in the postseason. So, my question for you people who think the Yankees will not make the postseason for the 13th consecutive year is this. Find me a team who is going to beat them out. Tampa, Toronto, Oakland, I’m not buying it….
Back with the NL disasters tommorow…

Until Then

Be Good


Yankee Spring Training Thoughts…..

February 20, 2008

joba1.jpgHowdy y’all… Unlike Kyle Kendrick I did not get traded to Japan… It has just been a while for a blog post… But I’m back baby…

Since Spring Training has finally kicked off with enough of the Andy Pettitte circus its time for some real baseball issues… Who would’ve thunk A-Rod would come to camp after signing a record contract and even Mr. Publicity is on the backburner….

Never the less here are 5 Pressing Story-Lines to keep an eye for the Yankees in the Grapefruit League…

1. To start or not to start… That is thy question… Everyone around Yankee camp is wondering… How exactly is the Joba Chamberlain plan for 2008 going to pan out. Even though the Yankees claim they will be starting him in the bullpen for 2008, I wouldn’t say that is a forgone conclusion, especially if a starter goes down early in Spring Training. If all pans out with the Yankees starters, the Yanks would be wise to keep the phenomenal kid in the bullpen to set up Mariano Rivera. What the Yankees will do… Only time will tell.

2. Who’s on 1st…. With the Yankees committed to keeping Melky Cabrera in Centerfield. Johnny Damon, Hideki Matsui and Jason Giambi will compete for the LF and DH positions in the lineup. However Giambi will be seeing some time at first, but due to his putrid defense the question remains who will be seeing that playing time. The Yankees have Shelly Duncan who did a stupendous job coming up in July… However is he the answer every day as the first basemen. The Yankees also have brought veterans Morgan Ensberg and Jason Lane to camp. My hunch Duncan will be the Yankees every day first basemen with Giambi playing part time as well.philandian.jpg

3. The Kids are all right…. The Yankees in a very un-Yankee like fashion passed up on the Johan Santana deal and decided to stick with Phil Hughes and Ian Kennedy for 2008 and beyond. The Yankees are counting on these two starters to do a stand up job for them. The question is… Will they? They are highly touted and showed flashes of brilliance last season. However can they handle it for a full season. Look to see if they struggle early on in camp if the Yankees push Joba Chamberlain faster in the rotation plan.

4. Hit me baby one more time… For veterans Jason Giambi, Mike Mussina anmoose.jpgd Andy Pettitte this could be their final go around in pinstripes. Do Giambi and Mussina have enough left in the tank to give solid respectable seasons. Mussina will be counted on to improve upon a 5 era, and Giambi will counted on to hit 20-25 homeruns if he can manage to stay healthy. And now onto Pettitte, I would not throw him into the mix. However, due to the HGH saga, the question remains is Andy mentally ready for 2008. Don’t be surprised if this is Andy’s Final go around just due to all of the stress this season may bring.

5. New Cup joeyg.jpgof Joe… For the first time since the 1995 season… Joe Torre is not the Skipper at Legends Field in Tampa Florida. Girardi the vibrant, new manager will bring a different style and intensity to Spring Training as opposed to the laid back Torre. After all Mike Mussina said, “this is more running then all of last season” when referring to a tough opening workout under Girardi. Although Girardi will look to push buttons differently then Mr. Torre, as a new manager following a legend, Joey G will make sure he earns the respect of his veterans early in camp…

Well Folks… The Countdown is now at… 41 Days till Opening Day 2008…

Be good everybody…. Stay Tuned for my MLB Spring Training Burning Issues…


He Said…. He said….

February 14, 2008

After the non stop television coverage of the hearings between Roger Clemens and Brian McNamee, my question to you folks is this. How many more days till opening day? Before I give my take on the whole proceedings that occurred this afternoon let me say this. Aren’t you sick of all the coverage. The hearings… The lying… It might as well be out of the Young and the Restless. Sooner or later the truth all of it will come to the floor. When it does… Call me…


cheaters.jpgLet me say this… Anyone and I mean anyone who believes Roger Clemens did not use performance enhancing drugs is sipping the Clemens Kool Aid… The telling tale here folks was the testimony of my boy… Andy Pettitte… is what did Mr Clemens in… When its a he said-he said battle, and then you have a third party come in. You listen. Especially when the third party is an honest, religious man that is going to tell the truth. Congressmen Cummings asked Clemens about this and he said… Andy must have “misremembered” about the conversation Pettitte claims Roger and he had about HGH. Thats all you need to know folks… Clemens is trying to save a hall of fame bid that is now forever tarnshised due to performance enhancing drugs… Now I admire Roger Clemens for some of the things he said today… Such as he cares about his reputation. He cares about educating people of the dangers of steroids… But Roger… Actions speak louder then words… And guess what you lose…

Thats All Folks….

PS… 45 Days till Opening Day….

Be Good


Perfectville… Population 1

February 6, 2008

random-dude-18-1.jpgWell here we are, after the finale of Super Bowl 42 and there only remains one perfect team. The 1972 Miami Dolphins. Shows how difficult it is to finish a season start to finish undefeated. I thought there was no way once the Patriots went 16-0 that they would lose at any point. They looked invincible. However, the bottom line is the New York Giants outplayed these big bad Patriots. They really hit em in the mouth. Tom Brady took an absolute beating. That vaunted offensive line that was praised all season long took a beating. Simple as that. The Giants did all of these great things… but yet… they were down 4 with less then three minutes to go. And then Eli Manning put his name into NFL lure. It is official folks, he is worth all that the Giants gave up. One of the best drives in Super Bowl History no question about it. The catch by David Tyree will most likely go down as the best catch in Super Bowl history and the best play in Super Bowl history. There was nothing sweeter to see Plaxico Burress catch the ball over Ellis Hobbs to win it. The Giants are Super Bowl Champions. How about that.

coachshula.jpgI don’t want to hear about the Patriots this season. The season to me is a failure. Since they lost in Indianapolis to Peyton Manning the goal for the Patriots was championship. Randy Moss and Wes Welker and the others were brought in to win a championship. NOT to go 18-1. Close but no cigar….

Hats off to the only perfect team ever in the Super Bowl Era… the 72 FINOS… Pop that champagne one more time fellas!

Be Good Folks


I’m on fire…..

January 27, 2008

kylemac.jpgWow…. what a difference a year makes for Kyle McAlarney… At this point last year Kyle was probably facing one of the lowest of lows. Lets face it the kid made a mistake, but who doesn’t. If you don’t know what I’m talking about your not a college basketball fan. Let me say this if he didn’t go to Notre Dame this probably would have been covered up. But Kyle admitted his mistake and stuck with Notre Dame and Coach Mike Brey when he easily could have transfered. He bit the bullet and boy is it paying off for the Irish…

Boy does last year seem like a long time ago…

After yesterdays resounding victory at Villanova in which Kyle put home thirty points and propelled Notre Dame to a huge tournament resume building win over the Wildcats. How much do you think Mike Brey is happy to have Kyle McAlarney. As a native Staten Islander, it is my job to give a fellow Staten Islander and great player the respect he deserves. It has been said that back in High School McAlarney had the key of the gym so he could go and practice either really early in the morning or really late at night. The secret for his greatness is hard work. Hard work is the reason he made it off the courts of St. Teresa’s Gym, to Moore Catholic School and now playing for the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame…

Notre Dame will be a forced to be reckoned with the rest of the way mainly due to the 1-2 Punch of Luke Harongody and Kyle McAlarney. Kyle McAlarney might be in the middle of a magical season…

Stay Tuned for more….

One last thing folks… I really want to thank Terrence Mayrose for getting Brian Mckenzie to join us on the program today. Check out his blog that is now posted on our website, for a good look at NYC hoops.

Keep on listening…. and reading….

Be Good

JJ Bombs

Defying all Odds

January 21, 2008


Well, maybe after all this is a team of destiny. After going 0-2 and giving up a combined 80 points in their first two games… And now all of a sudden… Super Bowl Bound!

Take that Tiki Barber….

So where did this game go wrong for the Green Bay Packers? The bottom line here was simply that the Giants outplayed the Packers, on offense and on defense. No question about it. If it wasn’t for Mr. Tynes and R Dub’s the Giants win this game outright, but the Giants offense ever since that week 17 performance against their opponent in Glendale, AZ, has been clicking. That Patriots game got Eli Manning going and guess what? Since the Playoffs have begun, Manning is 53/85 for 600 yards, 4 touchdowns and, most importantly, zero turnovers. Eli Manning is managing the game for this New York Giants team and they have come together¬† at the right time.

It is unfortunate for Brett Favre and the Green Bay Packers to have their season coming to a close, but don’t discount the season that team had under Head Coach Mike McCarthy. Going 14-3 and suprising a lot of people should not go unnoticed. But this is a day to praise the Giants. Praise Tom Coughlin. Praise Eli Manning. Praise Michael Strahan and that Giants Defense. They defied the odds and they will be going to play in the Super Bowl XLII

manning.jpgI could go a lot of different ways here for my MVP of this game, but I am going to give it to the field general, Sir Eli Manning. The man didn’t throw any touchdowns but he threw for over 250 yards and did not turn the ball over. He led the Giants down the field time in and time out in the cold weather at Lambeau Field outplaying Mr. Favre. Well done to you sir.

So hats off to the Giants… Going to the Super Bowl… Vindication for Tom Coughlin and the rest of this Giants Team… I wonder what Tiki Barber is thinking right now….

I’ll have plenty thoughts on the match up for Super Bowl XLII, but enjoy this Giants Fans. This is as good as it gets.

Be Good Folks


The aftermath…..

January 15, 2008

wadebumphillips.jpgThe shock waves have hit the NFL world following upset Sunday in the divisional round of the NFL Playoffs. And I have a major bone to pick with the entire Dallas Cowboys organization. Throughout the National Football League all I heard about was how Wade Phillips was the right man for the job, yada yada. Bottom line hes not someone I would want leading my squad. Here are a few reasons why.

1. First of all, giving your players a full week off is absolutely absurd. Do you think theres any way Bill Belichick is allowing Tom Brady to go down to Mexico for a week with Gisele. Maybe a night in NYC but I am positive that they only had 2-3 days off as opposed to the full week. Big Difference

2. The guy lets his players run their mouths and act like total idiots. Patrick Creighton who the hell are you? Not only did you run your mouth bashing the Giants all week, but you dropped a huge 3rd and 14 pass that would’ve possibly been a touchdown considering there were no defenders in the area. Let me say this Bill Parcells would never allow such behavior to occur. So for all of the Dallas Fans who hated on Parcells this season let me say this. One he built your team, and two how did you do on Sunday in a playoff game?

3. Any coach who lets Jerry Jones stand right next to them on the sideline with the moment of truth in the playoffs has a serious problem. Now I understand coaches before have allowed Jones to do the same thing. But show some balls. Run the team like a man. Parcells would have never allowed Jones to be on the sideline right next to him like that. Absolutely not.

4. The man has never won a playoff game. This was his 4th playoff game and hes been a part of some bad defeats. The Music City Miracle ring a bell? But let me say this… back in Buffalo he had Doug Flutie lead the team to a 10-5 record, and then let Rob Johnson start the last game of the season for no apparent reason. After that Phillips decided that Johnson was best served to be the quarterback after Flutie played well leading the team to back to back post season appearances. The guy is just not Head Coach Material. Simple as that.

Now.. Today He says… The better team lost today… I’m sorry Wade but you cannot say that after the Giants outplayed and outcoached your squad. Cannot… You sound like a fool…

to.jpgAnd before we close the book on the Dallas Cowboys for the final time… Let me say this… Terrell Owens crying yesterday about the possible criticism was perhaps one of the funniest press conferences I’ve ever seen in my years of watching sports. It adds to the absolute mockery Owens continues to make of the league with his Dog and Pony Shows. The guy can play… but give me a break… If you haven’t seen the press conference which is kinda impossible due to the fact its been all over TV… Never the less… Check it out…

And one last thing… Mr. Romo… I think you’ll have plenty of time to spend with Jessica in Mexico now that your team is gone… And folks.. while we’re at it… lets put the over/under on the relationship at another 4 months? Let me know your thoughts on that one…

Ill save the Giants for later in the week and on the show which will be ready to roll on Friday…

Until then folks keep checking the boxscore….

Be Good